Know the facts BEFORE you renovate a building


Know the facts BEFORE you renovate a building

A properties sanitary and storm drainage piping infrastructure often goes unnoticed. Renovations go on to modernize, improve aesthetics and increase value. But what about those drainage pipes hidden in walls, under the slab and out in the parking lot? These pipes are typically very difficult to access without major disruption and cost. As far as the owner is concerned the pipes are working fine but when disaster strikes those renovations can be ruined causing the owner to regret not having given them more thought!

At Dynamic Drain Technologies, we help owners manage and repair their sanitary sewer and storm piping assets before disaster strikes. Our Unseen Infrastructure Intelligence Program and Cured in Place Pipe (CIPP) Lining System provides detailed CCTV inspection reports, pipe location, conditional assessment and lower cost CIPP lining.  We’ve invested in state of the art video, cleaning and lining equipment to provide our clients with invaluable information and services to manage their hidden assets.

Talk to any of our clients and they’ll tell you, “One call to Dynamic Drain Technologies before you renovate, demolish or dig will save you BIG!”

Water damage from failing sewer

Water damage from failing sewer shown. Dry out and vacuum process.

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